Door Check Arm Popping Sound – 2000-2002 Isuzu Rodeo


MARCH 2002





2000-2002 Rodeo (UE) and Amigo/Rodeo Sport (UA) models built prior to VIN breakpoint: # 24321514



Some owners may comment on a loud door check arm popping sound when opening or closing the front driver or front passenger doors.

NOTE: Do not attempt to repair if customer complaint is a clicking sound. A clicking sound when opening and closing the door is considered normal, also if the vehicle has a new check arm assembly currently installed and customer complains of popping sound do not install a new check arm assembly. You will need to replace the door pin, follow steps 3-4 and 7.


Possible Cause:

Door check arm bushing may be damaged or worn-out.



Replace the door Check Arm or Bushing.

  1. Park and secure the vehicle.
  2. Open the driver’s door and raise the window to the “UP” (closed) position.
  3. Use a plastic hammer to remove the door check arm pin. Pin will be reused for assembly (Figure 1).

NOTE: Gently tap the pin upward (be careful not to loose the pin, as it will be reused).

  1. Pull the door check arm out of the check arm bracket.
  2. Identify current bushing and refer to matrix to determine appropriate repair procedure (white plastic bushing, gold colored metal bushing, or check arm with no bushing) (Figure 2),

NOTE: Review the matrix below to determine appropriate procedure.

  1. Before installing the new bushing, apply molybdenum grease, or equivalent liberally to the door check arm, top and bottom of bushing, and bushing pinhole (figure 3).

IMPORTANT: Grease application is critical for proper operation.



Existing Bushing Replacement Part Repair Steps
14317109 White Plastic Bushing Black Metal Bushing

(Part # 8-97324-784-0)

14317109 Gold Metal Bushing Black Metal Bushing

(Part # 8-97324-784-0)

24321514 Check Arm, No Bushing New Check Arm Assembly (Part # 8-97325-331-0) 1 – 5 ,
8 – 14


  1. Carefully, tap and install the pin with the slot facing towards the door assembly (Figure 4).

IMPORTANT: To avoid future door popping sound, make certain to face the pin slot towards the door when reinstalling.

NOTE: Check pin for fit, if pin does not fit tightly into place it will need to be replaced, otherwise the door popping sound will continue.


Replacing the Door Check Arm Assembly (P/N 8-97325-331-0)

  1. Raise the window to the “UP” (closed) position, and remove the front door speaker grill by gently popping it out from the lower front corner (Figure 5).
  2. Remove the four speaker retaining screws and speaker, carefully disconnect rear speaker connectors. Set speaker aside to be reused (Figure 6).
  3. Remove the two check arm 10mm retaining nuts (Figure 7). Refer to steps 3 and 4 to remove check arm from bracket (Figure 7)
  4. Reach inside the door panel and support the back of the Check Arm assembly. Carefully remove the Check Arm assembly through the opening in the door (Figure 8).
  5. Install the new check arm assembly into place through the speaker opening. Reinstall the two Check Arm retaining nuts and tighten (torque: 5.1 lbs. ft. (6.9 NM) +/- 1.4 lbs. ft. (1.9 NM) (Figure 9).
  6. For check arm installation procedure, refer to steps 6 — 7.

NOTE: Check pin for fit, ifpin is damaged or does not fit tightly into place it will need to be replaced, otherwise the door popping sound will continue.

IMPORTANT: Grease application is critical for proper operation on pressed bushing.

  1. Perform the service procedure on the remaining front door,
Part Number Description Quantity Required
8-97324-784-0 Door Check Arm. Bushing (Black) 2
8-97325-331-0 Door Check Arm, Front 2
8-94111-468-0 Door Check Arm, Pin 2



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